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Primacy Infotech Pvt.Ltd Online CRM Solution records and monitor each activity of a sales team. Manages all details related to leads, measures abandonment and close rate. Guides sales team to adopt a focused approach to achieve sales target. Primacy Infotech Pvt.Ltd CRM enables you to categorize customers with all possible criteria. Can register date wise sales, region, sales details of products to never miss an opportunity.

Primacy Infotech Pvt.Ltd Online ERP Solution – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) online software enables you to run the business professionally. ERP Management Software’s Integrated applications support company to record entire data of activities. ERP Software provides solutions with data in planning and costing of a product and captures each activity, inventories, payment and shipping details. ERP software from Primacy Infotech Pvt.Ltd provides combined details of Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Delivery.

Online ERP Software pull real time information which enable managers providing sales and operations planning with access to critical information fosters “closed loop” processes that ensures the business does not over promise and/or under-deliver to customers.Online ERP software provides the visibility of the flow of goods and services. ERP Software enables you to identify savings, spending against budget and trends across departments. Use of ERP software also eliminates the risk of error with centralized customer, invoice and order records. Get answers to questions like When to buy? What quantity to buy?Unlike  point solutions (historically used by small to midsize businesses) that rely on multiple (sometimes duplicating) databases; which strain IT resources. Primacy Infotech online ERP software standardize the use of one application to run an entire business. This not only increases efficiencies, but also decreases the overall total cost of ownership, thereby reducing operational costs and improving the company’s profitability.

Contact Management

  • Easily Manage Customer Details
  • Feed important information of customers
  • Capture both registered and shipping address
  • Set birthday Reminders of your customers
  • Edit and sort customer details.

Manage Quotations

  • Seamlessly generates price quote
  • Link quotes to accounts, contacts, or opportunities.
  • Quick quotes for pricing and availability.
  • Publish and send in various formats, PDF, MSWord etc.
  • Customise Invoices & Quotes using Logo & Company details.

Follow your Customers Efficiently

  • Filter details, chat, product mapping & order process.
  • Monitor and track new opportunities
  • Captures information of customer interaction
  • Automatic reminders for follow-ups.
  • Provides integrated account history

Lead Management

  • Full contact information on the lead.
  • Distribute leads effectively
  • Easy to monitor lead status
  • Quickly view all interaction with customers
  • Real-time sales performance dashboards.

Inventory Management

  • Manage unlimited number of categories
  • Link between equipment and spare parts
  • Detailed stock management
  • Maintain safety stock (also called buffer stock).
  • Safety stock maximizes customer service

Simplified Payroll System

  • Time management
  • Attendance Management
  • Manage HR & Payroll
  • Compliant with Indian payroll statutory and taxes.
  • Upload employees scan documents

Purchase Order Management

  • Raise Purchase Orders to your vendors.
  • Easily create purchase orders
  • Capture vendor entire details
  • Control your cash flow
  • Pay your suppliers on time.

Excellent Order Management

  • Improves sales visibility
  • Efficient order processing.
  • Quick inventory information
  • Information on billing ,payments & invoices
  • Easily create general ledger information.

ERP in Customer Relationship Management

For accomplishing desired success, organizations continuously strive for increased sales performance, superior customer service and enhanced customer relationship management.

To achieve these objectives you need solutions that provide rapid access to centralized customer information. You should also be able to access detailed and up-to-date communication history to foster customer and prospect relationships, close sales and streamline all customer contact activities.

Benefits at a glance

  • Interaction with other areas of the system, gives you a ‘clear’ view of the customer
  • Maximizing opportunities and retaining high value customers enhances revenue and profit.
  • Provides value-added services enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Improves product development and service delivery processes
  • Prepare your personnel with in-depth knowledge of the customer’s needs
  • Organizes the customer experience through quick problem resolution
  • Easy re-run of customer information over and over again
  •    users and customers
  •    Unlimited email lists and list segments
  •    Lists custom fields, searchable!
  •    Campaigns
  •    Unlimited email templates
  •    Campaign and email templates testing
  •    Single/Double Opt-in/Opt-out for lists
  • 100% customizable forms/pages
  • Use RSS/JSON Feeds in your campaigns
  • Exhaustive settings to tune-up the application
  •    Simple delivery processing
  • Template tags management
  • Emergency actions system
  • Customers impersonation (Login as)
  • Ajax list import with remote DNSBL checks
  • Ajax list export with remote DNSBL checks
  •    Delivery via any SMTP server
  • Delivery via Amazon SES / Mandrill / etc
  • Delivery via Sendmail and php's mail() function
  • Bounce emails processing
  • FBL/ARF emails processing
  • Quota management for delivery servers
  • Quota management for customers, with notifications
  • Advanced subscribers tracking
  • Recursive delivery processing
  • Attachments for your campaigns
  • Article/Article categories creation
  • Deep list segmentation
  • True Restful API with SDK Client
  • Email blacklist support
  • Remote DNSBL's check support
  • Custom extensions support
  • Themes support
  • Internationalization and translation support
  • Ip location services
  • Detailed campaign stats
  • Export campaign stats
  • Subscribers activity map for campaigns
  • System memory management control.
  • Low server requirements
  • Parallel delivery processing
  • Delivery via Directory Pickup
  • Free Support
  • Price
  • Offer Price


Rs.14/ 25999
Rs.14/ 25999
  • 20,000
  • 10,000
  • 20,000
  • 3 Month
  • 29,999
  • 18,999


  • 50,000
  • 30,000
  • 50,000
  • 5000 /Yr
  • 6 Months
  • 40,999
  • 25,999


Rs.24/ 49,999
Rs.24/ 49,999
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 12 Months
  • 54,999
  • 30,999
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