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MLM Binary Plan


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Product Description

MLM Binary Plan

MLM Binary Script is our latest application developed by open source technology. The binary tree consists of two parts: Left and Right. Binary MLM is the best software to manage your professional networking business. MLM Binary Script Php consists of more than 60 ingrained features with a very good genealogy tree view, pair matching, EP generation, different payout reports, referral URL and in-built mailbox.

Wherever you travel, you can easily access and control your business and understand the on-goings on your website through our MLM Script. It is a systematic approach to reach your goals.

Steps for Beginners to Start

You might as a beginner think it to be a difficult task but to make the entire process simple for you we have complete flowcharts showing each and every things in details.

It′s all about Planning

If you are planning to set up an online platform to source your projects and get your job done through professionals then start planning today. You can grab hold the opportunity to create your marketplace community by purchasing this productive product and start earning handsome income.

How much does it cost?

Book Shop software is a pocket-friendly investment that has proven to be highly profitable for low pocket buyers. Without any technical expertise, you can now create your own online marketplace community today instantaneously. The cost depends upon the selection of features and functionalities. There are extra charges depending upon the client’s requirements. One of the most demanded software comes at extremely nominal investment and enables you to set-up your own professional looking Sweet Shop Website within no time…

USER FeaturesADMIN Features
1.            Registration

a.      Create account with username and password

b.      Enter Sponsor ID

c.       Enter EPIN detail

2.            Login System

a.      Username/id and password

b.      Forget password

c.       New design for login

3.            Welcome Letter

4.            Home page

a.      Rotator banner

b.      Testimonials

c.       Latest product

d.      Welcome message

e.       Marking tool or video

5.            My profile

a.      Show profile

b.      Change Login Password

c.       Change Profile Picture

d.      View sponsor member details

e.       Report

6.            Dashboard

a.      Graph statistics for following

i.      Over all purchase value

ii.      Process purchase value

iii.      Success purchase value

iv.      Failed purchase value

b.      Overall payout detail

c.       Over all purchase detail

d.      Weekly purchase detail

i.      Shown product name with costing detail

7.            Purchase management

a.      View purchased product detail

b.      View getting PV details

c.       View which date purchase with product amount

8.            Package details

a.      View current package details

b.      Upgrade option

c.       Pay with payment gateway

d.      View approval details

9.            Sunflower genealogy

a.      View current sunflower details

b.      View down line with detail

10.        Point value

a.      View their details of following

i.      PPV

ii.      TPPV

iii.      TSPV

iv.      TBPV

v.      PWPV

vi.      TPWPV

vii.      TPSPV

b.      PPV= View purchased product point value

c.       TPPV= Their down line al users purchased product point value

d.      TSPV= View their sunflower point value details

e.       TBPV= View their binary tree point value details

f.        PWPV= View down line which is weaker side detail like left or Right

g.      TPWPV= View down line which weaker side with count

h.      TPSPV= View which down line having stronger user with count

11.        Bonus type

a.      View the following details

i.      Earning amount

ii.      Commission

iii.      Joined days

iv.      Target days

v.      Target amount

vi.      Status

b.      Earning details= View their earning from the beginning

c.       Commission= View their commission details

d.      Joined days= View their joined day to till date count

e.       Target days: Bonus target days

f.        Target amount: View the target amount

g.      Status= View their eligible for the commission

12.        Center (In-built Mailing System)

a.      Inbox

b.      Out box

c.       Compose mail

d.      Forward mail

e.       Read and Unread mail status

f.        Mails update with counts

13.        Product

a.      View product

b.      Purchase product

c.       Manage purchase product list

14.        My Genealogy

a.      Tree view (Graphical view)

b.      View user details

c.       Binary vertical view

d.      User profile in tooltip

e.       Tabular tree structure

f.        User search in tree(Search a down-line profile)

15.        Transaction

a.      Withdrawn money

b.      Manage withdrawn money details

c.       Cancel withdrawn request

d.      Manage cancel withdrawn details

16.        Refer URL

a.      Can send user profile URL to anyone

17.        Leg Details

a.      Welcome message

b.      Day Greetings

c.       Download Documents

18.        CMS pages

a.      About us

b.      Contact us

c.       News

d.      Event

e.       Testimonials


1.            Admin Login

a.      Username and password

2.            Dashboard

a.      View Statistics of FOLLOWING

i.      EPIN

ii.      Transaction

iii.      Mailing system

iv.      User and stock

v.      Product

vi.      Features of the site

3.            Configuration System

a.      Network settings

b.      Site information

c.       Username and password management

4.            Product Management

a.      Product Details with image

b.      Add / Edit / Delete options

5.            Category and Sub Category Management

a.      Category Details with PV and capping daily

b.      Add / Edit / Delete options

c.       Main Category is divided in to Sub-category and total required number of product can be configured

6.            EPIN Management

a.      Unique Epin is generated with respect to Product Category

b.      Mailing Option to send the EPIN to the customers

c.       EPIN status (used, unused, free)

7.            User profile tools

a.      Profiles list

b.      Edit Profile

c.       Approve / Reject Profile option

d.      Profile photo upload option separately

e.       Profile Search option

8.            Genealogy System

f.        Tree view (Graphical view)

g.      Manage commission details

h.      User profile in tooltip

i.        Tabular tree structure

a.      User search in tree(Search a down-line profile)

9.            Reports

a.      User report (Overall, Today, Last Ten days, This Month)

b.      Business report (Overall, Today, Last Ten days, This Month)

c.       Activated and not activated report

10.        Fast direct bonus

a.      View the details users bonus and commission details

b.      Bonus percentage

i.      Set the target bonus percentage

11.  Point value

a.      Admin view user following details

i.      PPV= View users purchased product point value

ii.      TPPV= users  down line all users purchased product point value

iii.      TSPV= View users sunflower point value details

iv.      TBPV= View users binary tree point value details

v.      PWPV= View users down line which is weaker side detail like left or Right

12.  Set target credential

a.      Set the following for the target

i.      Target Type

1.      Amount

2.      Percentage

3.      PV

ii.      Target amount

iii.      Deadline days

13.  Membership package management

i.      Add and manage membership plan

ii.      Request of new package

a.      Manage new upgrade request from users

14.  Report

a.      View report of following

i.      Active users

ii.      In-Active users

b.      Take report of CSV file

c.       Reports by Ten days and month

15.  Generating plan

a.      Enter grade commission details

b.      Manage commission details

16.  Product management

a.      Add product

b.      Manage product

c.       Add stock details

17.  Country management

a.      Add country details

b.      Manage country and their detail

18.  Feedback management

a.      Manage user enquiry

19.  News management

a.      Add news

b.      Manage news

20.  Event management

a.      Add event

b.      Manage event

21.  Testimonials management

a.      Add testimonials

b.      Manage testimonials

22.  Slider management

a.      Manage slider details

23.        Support center (Mailing system)

a.      Inbox

b.      Out box

c.       Compose mail

d.      Forward mail

e.       Read and Unread mail status

f.        Mails update with counts

24.        CMS Management

a.      Welcome letter

b.      T & C

c.       Slider Management

25.        FAQ

26.        Upload and edit documents

27.        Incentive and commission management

i.      Binary plan

ii.      Referral plan


Our working strategy is a truly an interactive environment with our clients. We understand the value of time and strive to take the burden on our shoulders to accomplish the work in real-time. The development of the project is considered complete when you are thoroughly satisfied with the end result. We will fully support and always consult with you on new technologies that would provide maximum results.

Our Working Process

  • For Ready product, We will upload configure the buyer server once we receive full payment within 24 hrs.
  • For custom product or customization any product, We need time 7 days to 30 working days as per list of customization and agreed on a budget  with buyer.
  • All our daily work progress will be uploaded to one of our development servers and you will get a link to check the progress.
  • We have weekly reporting system – Where the team leaders of the respective projects will update about the status and progress of the projects.
  • You can check the work and submit your feedback there – Our respective team member will get your feedback in their mail and report system message board.
  • For any kind of consultation, you are free to talk with our project manager and with me at anytime support@primacyinfotech.com.

In order to install Website in your system, the atmosphere should meet the support with following technical basics:

  1. Apache version 2.0 or higher with mod_rewrite module enabled (allow override option should be set to all value for the installation directory).
  2. PHP 5.2.6 or higher with disabled safe_mode and open_basedir restrictions.
  3. MySQL version 4.1 or higher. Version 5.x is recommended.
  4. CURL PHP library.
  5. Cron Job
  6. Mcrypt PHP library.
  7. Latest Version Ioncube Installed
  8. Minimum recommended memory available for PHP: 128 Mb
  9. Our technical support team is ready to give you installation and post-installation support. Please feel free to mail us: support@primacyinfotech.com


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