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Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management

In the modern, competitive, multi-unit restaurant industry, you need technology solutions that give you an edge. The tools that help you provide excellent customer service also need to help you more effectively manage costs, production, and employees, restaurant billing software all with the reliability you demand from a mission critical system.

We provides a fully-integrated suite of solutions for quick service, table service, and hospitality operators that want innovative, easy to use , and enterprise solutions. You’ll have advanced computerized systems to improve customer service, automate production, control costs, and provide movement of information within your restaurant, as well as to corporate headquarters and franchisee offices.

Whether you run a franchise, a full chain, a hotel, or an independent restaurant, with us, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage your operations-from corporate headquarters to the restaurant floor.

The software is a fully integrated suite of restaurant software products designed to meet the needs of all areas of your business. With Smart Series, you get :


  • Business Performance Management—Manage your entire enterprise easily and efficiently directly from your corporate office. You’ll know your net sales, best performing restaurants, best-selling items, labor costs, and more, so you can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Restaurant Management System—Powerful back-of-house capabilities combine with front-of-house POS tools to exceed the needs of the most demanding table service or quick service restaurant. You’ll have everything you need to more effectively manage your staff and better serve your customers.
  • Accounting Management
  • Customer Database
  • Point of Sale
  • Food Costing
  • Inventory Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Table Management
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