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Why Social Media Optimization

”Social Media Optimization Services (SMO Services)” has become an inevitable part of the digital marketing. SMO Services has the capability to generate traffic from the social media sites and with a bit fine tuning by the help of the experts like us, you can promote your business/Products to the millions of visitors very easily. Let’s face the reality, Facebook alone , claims 1.3 billions of users and Twitter has near about 274 million . As an entrepreneur and marketer, you can comprehend easily that how benefitted you will be if you use Social Media as a platform to promote your brand.

What does SMO Services have to offer you?

SMO Services (Social Media Optimization Services) guarantees traffic just like SEO Services, Bur there is a basic difference exists. SEO is based on keywords, whereas SMO Services (Social Media optimization services) works on sharing of content (means documents, videos, images etc.) And when you use these two services together, you will get most powerful and deadly marketing tool to promote your brand/products.


Social Consultancy

We’ll help develop a social strategy with you based upon your end goals. You may already have in-house marketing teams who just require guidance.

Social PPC

As well as standard updates, social ads can use to improve your presence or generate interest in a new product. This could be through promoted Twitter accounts.

Brand Management

Finding & securing the appropriate usernames & profiles across the channels. Your brand is obviously very important and so our social team will.

Social PR

Our close relationships & contacts with some of the most authoritative publishers, bloggers, journalists & influencers mean that we can help bridge that gap between offline .

Social Tone & Nature

The ways in which businesses can use social media differs massively. We’ll be there to help find the right tone of voice and style for you.

Cross Channel Promotion

Using the insights from our reporting and analysis we make sure that your message reaches your audience and fits across all your marketing channels.

Social Media Monitoring

We’ll comb the social networks, making sure that you know who’s talking about you, what they’re saying and what they think, and whether it’s positive.

Reporting & Analysis

We love data and our social media reporting will help identify and inform future activity not only in your social circles but across all your marketing channels.

How our social team can help

We will make sure you never fall into a well-publicised #epicfail campaign or a compilation of ‘The 10 Biggest Social Media Disasters…’ We also won’t completely take over your accounts because we know that people want to talk to you and not listen to constant, one-way sales messages pushed from your marketing agency. As part of our social media marketing service we provide help & guidance with:

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Primacy Infotech Pvt.Ltd believes in Building a Leadership Team,team members having different visions and experiences,who contribute to managing the growth,direction and success of the company. and very easy Customization, What else do you need to create all your websites, it is completely complete one.

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