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Tea Garden Management

Tea Garden Management

The objective of this system is to assist the personnel of the garden in their day- to- day tasks. This software will generate several reports to assist the tea garden management. This software will also pass data to the head office, which can be included in the office part of Tbyte and several reports will be generated from there The software will help users, to identify several cost centers in the garden, to make budgets for those cost centers and to optimise cost parameters and maximize the productivity of the garden. This software will provide all sorts of MIS reports to the management in order to utilize existing manpower in the best possible way. This computer-based system may have facilities to analyse and forecast rainfall if a considerable amount of data is fed.

Provision of census data of the labour and their dependents may help the management to calculate certain entitlement quantities.

As now a days computerization has become necessary in all the business entities, Tea Industry is no more exceptional. Like other industry tea industry is also become a competitive industry. As it is manpower based industry and to control such a huge man power cost and to utilize the existing manpower without increasing the cost, a good software is a must. Software will help you to know the status, productivity and history of your individual section. It can give you in details, the input and output of a particular section. To have a lower made tea cost you should have data in your hand, starting from mandays, plucking cost to manufacturing cost, which only a good software can provide you.

Not only in the garden level but in head office level, from where the sale takes place, you should have in details the realization price of your tea. Quantity and quality analysis is a must to fetch a maximum price for your tea. You should know whether you are benefited in selling tea through Auction or through brokers. The status of payment realization and due details is a must. You should have in your hand the details of Grade wise average price comparing with previous season to get the best price of your tea.

All this can be achieve with this software, which can give you all the information starting from plucking to manufacturing to sale. The software has different modules for garden and head office to have easy access by the concern department.

  • Tea Plucking
  • Tea Processing & Manufacturing
  • Tea Trading
  • Labour Attendance
  • Employees Payroll & Rationing
  • Store & Inventory Control
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